All of our Roller shutters are manufactured in Perth and custom-made to the measurements of the job. We use German-designed shutters for their superior quality and finishes. The slats on our manual and automatic shutters are also compact, resulting in a smaller box size than what competitors can offer.

The staff at Distinct Shutters are trained and equipped to manage all aspects of the installation process. We work with single and multiple-storey properties, and we can design a personalised installation plan to compliment your property and maximise its value. Your installation expert will ensure that our work is carried out to an excellent standard, and that the work site is left spotless.

Our customers can expect a prompt turnaround from initial contact to installation. Once a quote is accepted and confirmed, the shutters are manufactured and installed, with most installations lasting less than one day.



Distinct Shutters, and our staff, are renowned for our experience with complicated shutter installations. With over 13 years of experience, you can trust Distinct Shutters to find a solution for your property.

We aim to work with our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with both the appearance and function of their installation.

One of the leading reservations people have about installing roller shutters is their lack of visual appeal. We make every effort to correctly colour match our roller shutters to complement your property. In some cases, the box containing the motor can be installed within the eave of the building, which means that when your shutter is open, only the tracks are visible.



Distinct Shutters can service your existing roller shutters. No matter what shutters you have or what your problem is, we can find a cost-effective solution for you.

We can also upgrade manual shutters to automatic. Electric roller shutters are a more convenient option and can wind up at the push of a button. They also require less maintenance. An upgrade can be done with no impact to your window, and delivers the advantage of having the interior winder and tape removed. This will leave a cleaner look for the window and roller shutter. You can choose either a switch motor, which requires a switch plate on the wall, or a remote control.