Domestic Roller Shutters:

Our Domestic roller shutters are designed in Germany, manufactured here in Perth, and installed by the same technicians who will measure your property. Our roller shutters are designed and tested in accordance with the highest standards.

    Roller shutters provide effective insulation against the heat in Summer and the cold in Winter. This reduces your need for air conditioners and heaters, reducing your utility cost and environmental footprint. The insulation also prevents condensation from accumulating on your windows, which will protect against mould and keep your family healthy.

    Most intruders enter the family home through uncovered windows. Roller shutters are one of the best ways to prevent break ins on your house, as, unlike security screens, roller shutters cover 100% of the window. When completely closed, our roller shutters can not be forced open from the outside. This security gives you protection at night, and peace of mind when you are out of town. 

    Roller shutters provide a solid protective barrier against noise and light, allowing for undisturbed quiet and complete darkness. This is a great benefit for parents with children who nap during the day, for shift workers, or simply for those who’d like to enjoy a restful sleep-in.

    Coastal properties receive the full force of every storm front. Roller shutters protect windows from storm winds that can bow or break in strong winds. The protection provided by a roller shutter keeps customers stress-free during inclement weather, allowing storms to pass assured that their windows are not subject to potential damage. Beyond that, they are an additional barrier against water leaking through the windows.


Outdoor Blinds:

We have a range of outdoor blinds to suit every style of building. From residential patio areas, to restaurants and cafes, from Sunscreen mesh, to tinted PVC. Whatever your preference, our Ziptrak guided blinds system will meet your needs. Our outdoor blinds are designed for ultimate user comfort and style. There are no pulleys or cranks and raising or lowering your blinds to any desired height can be done with absolute ease. 

    Ziptrak blinds systems are made from the highest quality materials, and can provide protection against wind, rain and sun damage. They will also provide insulation in your area keeping it warmer or cooler depending on the season. 

    Enjoy your outdoor spaces year round without any worry of mosquitoes or flies. Our blinds will prevent bugs and insects from compromising your enjoyment of Australia’s Great outdoors, without obstructing the views beyond. 

    Our patented spring balanced track system ensures safe and easy operation without the need for chains, pulleys or cranks. Simply pull the blind to the desired height and it will automatically lock into place. 

Industrial  Roller Shutters:

Our industrial roller shutters are constructed to meet the needs of a range of customers who require industrial level protection across their company. Providing similar  benefits as  our domestic roller shutters, they have been designed to prioritise security with less insulation and extruded slats. These roller shutters are commercial grade for heavy duty strength/security.