By: distinctshutters, May 9, 2017

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1 Surprising Way to Improve your Family’s Lifestyle this Winter

As the temperatures in Australia begin to drop, it’s very common for people to see a change in their lifestyles. Suddenly the weekend barbeques and Sunday sessions are replaced with dinners at friends places and movie nights in pyjamas. It’s the human equivalent of hibernation, and is an essential opportunity to recharge our batteries.

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With technology advancing faster than we can keep up, our ability to switch off is hampered more and more. We can achieve so much with our smart phones, and smart TV’s that a day off is rarely spent just doing nothing. Furthermore our ability to produce and achieve results are driven by increasing expectations of our employers or our customers. This leaves very little room to rest and recover. For many people, the mindset is – “if I can be productive with this time, why wouldn’t I be?” What we fail to recognize here is the value of rest, and the importance of being mindful, in both our productive and our recreational time. We fail to recognize that a rested body is a capable body. It is essential that we slow down the busy cycles of life and allow for seasonal and cyclical rest and relaxation. There is something therapeutic about curling up on the couch, closing the shutters and enjoying a movie on a Sunday afternoon, and Winter is really the perfect time of year to do just that. Our roller shutters are able to block out up to 100% of natural light, which means you can make the most out of an opportunity to truly rest and relax.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition in which depressions occur for a person within a particular season (usually Winter). It affects 1-3% of the population in the southern hemisphere, is more common in Women, and is believed to be linked with circadian rhythms of the body, along with Serotonin levels. The absorption of natural light, along with the ability to rise and rest in accordance with the sun’s movements are two primary factors in managing the disorder. A house with roller shutters isn’t necessarily a dark place.

Take Lee’s story for instance.

Lee and her husband lived in a 1940’s double brick and tile home. It was dark and pokey, unfortunately accentuated by the dark green and red walls from previous owners. The kitchen was a thoroughfare in the middle of the house, and did not receive any natural light at all. After a much needed renovation, including the installation of shutters in lieu of interior curtains or blinds, the house can only be described as light and airy. In fact, Lee describes her favourite time of day being when the roller shutters are lifted and the glorious sun casts rippled shadows across the new white walls, saying that she falls in love with her house again every morning.
Because Lee has opted not to install any blinds or curtains, the sun is able to light up the house, without any obstructions. And when the day is done, and the family is in need of sleep, the shutters are closed, the house is protected, dark and quiet due to the insulation properties and the family can rest more completely than they ever have before.

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As winter fast approaches, have a think about the way you are relaxing, and the joy you are getting out of your down time at home. Are you looking to wind down in a cosy room without the glare of the sun? Or perhaps you’re a sun seeker, hoping to salute the sun every morning as winter rolls on by. Either way, we can definitely help you create a Winter’s retreat for your household.