Ziptrak® brand Manual and Electric Blinds

Winter is well and truly here and for most of us this means saying goodbye to our much loved outdoor entertaining areas for the next couple of months. BBQs and lazy afternoons on the patio become a distant dream as even on the sunniest Winter days, the wind chill keeps us reaching for blankets and opting for the warmth of the indoors over outdoor living. At Distinct Shutters, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers home and lifestyle. That’s why we’re so proud (and excited) to launch our newest product, Ziptrak® blinds – a new range of products that will help you extend the use of your outdoor entertaining area through Winter.

Ziptrak® is a track guided blind system which will keep your outdoor areas protected from the elements. Its patented design allows the user to pull the blind down to their desired height, and raise to open again, with the blind gliding easily and no cords or winders to complicate the process. The material range includes both Sunscreen Mesh and clear or tinted PVC, and these blinds are suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Ziptrak® is proud to be leading the market in track guided blinds systems and we are happy to be one of the only companies providing their product to residents and businesses within Perth.


How it works

Ziptrak® brand blinds are designed for easy use and longevity. They are spring balanced, which means that you can easily lower or raise the blind, while the spring bears the weight. To lower or raise the blind, hold the handle at the centre of the bottom bar and adjust to the height as desired. It is that simple! Some customers may prefer to use a remote and motorised blind which means the blinds are operated at the push of a button. They are installed with a cast bracket and can have additional coverage options to store the retracted blind, and tracks either side of the blind. Each blind is custom made to suit individual needs and blinds can be made up to 6 metres across (up to 5.5metres in clear PVC) with a maximum drop of 3.5 metres. The patented design means that even with the largest blind, operation will remain a breeze for customers.

Why we love it

The best thing about our Ziptrak® brand outdoor blinds is the simplicity of the design. There are no cranks, zips or cords, which can become tangled and pose a risk to young children. They can be positioned to any height and are so easy to use, simply let the blind go at the desired height and it will automatically lock to that position. There is a central locking system which holds the blind in place on both tracks until it is unlocked by pulling on the central handle. This central locking system contributes to the strength of the blind, and it will not rattle even in windy conditions. The protection provided by our track guided blinds will help to reduce overall power usage.

ziptrak-outdoor-blind-12 ziptrak-outdoor-blind-11

A range of Options

  • Sunscreen Mesh
    Sunscreen Mesh blinds will accommodate for a variety of sunscreen fabrics including woven mesh. The weight and weave density of the mesh will influence the level of transparency and UV protection. Sunscreen Mesh will reduce heat transmision and provide protection against wind, rain sun and UV rays. These insulation properties will assist in reducing your power consumption. The mesh will also offer privacy, whilst still maintaining the view.
    ziptrak-outdoor-blind-40 ziptrak-outdoor-blind-44
  • PVC for clear views
    Clear and tinted PVC is another option which suits individuals and businesses. We only install the highest quality PVC, and customers can choose from either clear or tinted PVC. Using PVC in your Ziptrak® blinds will provide complete protection against rain and wind. It will not discolour and is perfect for maintaining warmth within an outdoor area, without any obstruction to the view.
    yacht-club-sa-clear-pvc-2 yacht-club-sa-clear-pvc-1

  • Protect your investment with a pelmet
    There are three options for installing the Ziptrak® brand blinds, depending on your preference and the structure the system will attach to. You can select from exposed cast brackets which leaves the retracted blind visible, a cast bracket with back flushing in order to hide the blind from the external side, or a pelmet for superior protection. A pelmet encloses and protects the blind from weather and sun when your blinds are rolled up. Its sleek design will complement your property and ensure the blind looks great and operates flawlessly for years. Pelmets are an important addition when the blind is installed outside of the structure.  ziptrak-outdoor-blind-43 ziptrak-outdoor-blind-13
  • Colour Options 
    We have a selection of 5 base colours available to choose from or customers may opt to have the aluminium components powder coated to a colour of their choosing.colour-options2
  • MotorisedMany households and businesses will benefit from a motorised track guided blind. It is helpful for blinds that are positioned in hard to reach places and for larger blinds. Operated by remote, the blind can be lowered or raised operating on solar our household power. The pelmet installed with a motorised blind will cover the motor completely and looks no different to a manual blind. The blind can be stopped at any height and the motor will provide the same quiet smooth glide, without any effort necessary. It is recommended that only Sunscreen mesh blinds are motorised, not clear PVC.ziptrak-outdoor-blind-4 ziptrak-outdoor-blind-14
  • Other options
    • Extra skirting at the bottom of the blind for additional protection and to combat uneven ground surfaces.
    • A removable post may be considered when planning to enclose a section greater than 4.5 m across.

    • A pull stick may help to avoid reaching up or bending down to position the blind.

If you have been considering outdoor blinds to maximise the use of your outdoor living area, then have a look at our products page, or contact us and one of our friendly staff will happily answer any of your questions about our Ziptrak® guided blind system.

8 ways to prepare your house for Winter

As the temperatures begin to drop down to single digits, many Australians are bracing for the chilly Winter ahead. Even though 2016 was one of the warmest winters on record, we saw a significant increase in rainfall, and in storm damage – and this year we are already seeing similar trends.

Now is a great time to put in a few hard yards to protect your home and reduce the chances of a storm related headache later on.

Here’s how you can prepare your home for Winter…

  1. Tidy up, Clear out

    Begin with tidying up any small objects that can easily be forgotten in a season where you may venture out a little less. If you have children or pets, appoint a designated toy box for all outdoor toys. Make sure it is sealed to avoid dust accumulation and insect infestation. Order a council bin to clear out anything that does not have a home or serve a purpose, donating anything that is still in good condition. If you have collected some “projects” that are waiting to be finished, hold yourself accountable to either make a time to complete the project, or cut your losses and be done with it. This will not only clean up your outdoor living area, but become a great personal shift in your own life. Cleaning up your yard will minimise clutter and ensure that there are no items to be left around posing a risk to your property in damaging winds.

    Grne und blaue Regenfsser in einem Schrebergarten

  2. Check for property weak spots

    Practically it is essential that your home is secure to withstand the toughest of storms. Have a look at your property from the inside and the outside. Are there any water damage spots on your ceiling? Do you have any cracks in your windows? Do you have any visibly damaged roof tiles? If you are answering “yes” to any of these questions its important to deal with these issues now, before a Winter storm can cause serious damage.

    Damage caused by damp and moisture on a ceiling

  3. Take a walk in your garden

    Have a look at the trees in your yard, and around your property. Consider the chances of any of the branches falling down and the risk this would pose to your property. As in most cases, prevention is better than cure. Be sure to prune any hazardous branches to avoid any unnecessary property damage. Collect any leaves, twigs and sticks that have fallen over Autumn to ensure your space is a blank canvas with no loose items.fallen-tree

  4. Prepare your gutters

    Clean gutters are paramount to protecting your house over Winter. If water becomes trapped in one area of your gutters, it may spill over the gutter and pool at the foundation of your home. This can, over time, compromise the overall integrity of the property as well as encouraging mould to grow. It can also contribute to wood damage along the fascia boards to which the gutter is attached, and can harm the garden bed that may lie underneath. Prioritise the clearing of your gutters and whilst doing so, ensure that your gutters are all in good condition and attached firmly.

    Workman Clearing Autumn Leaves from Gutter

  5. Check your windows and doors

    Did you know that up to 40 per cent of your home’s heating energy in winter can leak out through windows or skylights? Or that draughts caused by gaps and cracks around doors, windows and skylights can add up to 25 per cent to your heating bills?! A very simple solution to this is to check your windows and doors for any gaps. If they can be permanently sealed, then do so and immediately reap the rewards. In many cases a foam or rubber weather seal will work around windows and a strip seal will protect your home from draughts entering under the front door. Both can easily be purchased from your local hardware store. For an added layer of insulation, Roller Shutters are your best bet.


  6. Consider your flooring

    Many homes across Perth are older in style and have hardwood floors. Floorboards allow much more airflow than tiles or carpet. While there is no need to do a complete home renovation, perhaps you might consider investing in some rugs to position in the larger open areas of your homes. This will help to reduce the airflow which comes from below the floorboards and will add warmth to the whole area. Your skirting boards, if not attached and sealed correctly can also allow cool air to flow from outside, or beneath your home, so fill any gaps to better protect your house.cold-floorboards

  7. Clean your air-conditioners and heaters

    Have a think back to the last time you cleaned your filter for your air-conditioner or heater. A dirty and clogged filter means the unit has to work harder to keep your home at a certain temperature, which can rapidly increase the cost to run the unit. It is recommended that filters are cleaned on a monthly basis. This may need to be done more frequently if you have pets, or use your air-conditioner or heater constantly over the season. Split system air-conditioners will have instructions on how to clean and/or replace the filters. If you are unsure, call a professional to do the work for you. If you have an electric heater, it may be worth investing in a gas heater, as it is better for the environment, will save money and will also be less drying to the air. To save energy, use the scheduling options available on most heating units. 

    la clim gnrale

  8. Preventative and protective measures

    Once you have cleared your yard of any items that might put your home at risk in a windy storm and ensured your property is secure with no obvious weak spots, it’s time to add in the final protective layer. There is no doubt that Roller shutters are the number one way to protect your home against storm damage (in all of its forms). Our roller shutters are designed in such a way that they both insulate and protect your property. This means that when the storms, rains and winds beat down on your property, the noise is reduced, the house is protected and the home remains warm. For home owners, this is one investment which will continue to bring returns for years to come.


Set aside one weekend, invest some time in your home, and save yourself from bigger problems when the Winter weather really sets in.

1 Surprising Way to Improve your Family’s Lifestyle this Winter

As the temperatures in Australia begin to drop, it’s very common for people to see a change in their lifestyles. Suddenly the weekend barbeques and Sunday sessions are replaced with dinners at friends places and movie nights in pyjamas. It’s the human equivalent of hibernation, and is an essential opportunity to recharge our batteries.

Friends enjoying time together at home.

With technology advancing faster than we can keep up, our ability to switch off is hampered more and more. We can achieve so much with our smart phones, and smart TV’s that a day off is rarely spent just doing nothing. Furthermore our ability to produce and achieve results are driven by increasing expectations of our employers or our customers. This leaves very little room to rest and recover. For many people, the mindset is – “if I can be productive with this time, why wouldn’t I be?” What we fail to recognize here is the value of rest, and the importance of being mindful, in both our productive and our recreational time. We fail to recognize that a rested body is a capable body. It is essential that we slow down the busy cycles of life and allow for seasonal and cyclical rest and relaxation. There is something therapeutic about curling up on the couch, closing the shutters and enjoying a movie on a Sunday afternoon, and Winter is really the perfect time of year to do just that. Our roller shutters are able to block out up to 100% of natural light, which means you can make the most out of an opportunity to truly rest and relax.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition in which depressions occur for a person within a particular season (usually Winter). It affects 1-3% of the population in the southern hemisphere, is more common in Women, and is believed to be linked with circadian rhythms of the body, along with Serotonin levels. The absorption of natural light, along with the ability to rise and rest in accordance with the sun’s movements are two primary factors in managing the disorder. A house with roller shutters isn’t necessarily a dark place.

Take Lee’s story for instance.

Lee and her husband lived in a 1940’s double brick and tile home. It was dark and pokey, unfortunately accentuated by the dark green and red walls from previous owners. The kitchen was a thoroughfare in the middle of the house, and did not receive any natural light at all. After a much needed renovation, including the installation of shutters in lieu of interior curtains or blinds, the house can only be described as light and airy. In fact, Lee describes her favourite time of day being when the roller shutters are lifted and the glorious sun casts rippled shadows across the new white walls, saying that she falls in love with her house again every morning.
Because Lee has opted not to install any blinds or curtains, the sun is able to light up the house, without any obstructions. And when the day is done, and the family is in need of sleep, the shutters are closed, the house is protected, dark and quiet due to the insulation properties and the family can rest more completely than they ever have before.

Family Eating Breakfast At Kitchen Table


As winter fast approaches, have a think about the way you are relaxing, and the joy you are getting out of your down time at home. Are you looking to wind down in a cosy room without the glare of the sun? Or perhaps you’re a sun seeker, hoping to salute the sun every morning as winter rolls on by. Either way, we can definitely help you create a Winter’s retreat for your household.