When it comes to purchasing fittings for the exterior of your home, you’re sure to want to know everything first, and pull out your wallet second. When it comes to fittings that protect your home and what’s inside it, this is even more true. Worries, questions and even fears surround such products, and roller shutters are no different.

Will they keep my house secure? What if the installer doesn’t know what he’s doing? What’s the warranty like? What’s the product quality like? Will it keep out heat? Will they stand up to a storm?

It’s best to get these concerns sorted right off the bat, so we’ve laid out some common concern areas surrounding roller shutters – things you should be thinking about before you buy. At the end of the article, we’ll answer these questions about our shutters.


Bad Customer Service

Anything from the tradesman arriving late to a badly installed shutter or blind, to a lack of communication and information regarding the product and it’s installation can make your roller shutter purchase regrettable. When scouting products and companies, make sure you read reviews. Also, give them a call, see if they can answer your questions. Failing that, you’ll have to depend on cruising the provider’s website – just make sure you do your research!


Non-user Friendly Products

Some blinds and outdoor furnishings can end up making life more difficult – if they are too complex or annoying to wind up and down, for example. Often this problem doesn’t arise until after installation, making it a bigger purchase risk in the eyes of a shopper.


Low Quality Fittings that Break Easily

Often when a deal seems too good to be true, it is. This is especially true when it comes to shutters and blinds. Low-quality blinds are far more likely to break down, and you’ll get problems like broken pull cables, broken cranks, or even dents in the shutter or tears in the blind itself.


Big Poles or other Obstructions

Some styles of exterior window fittings require bulky supports, which shrink your area, limit your use, and reduce aesthetic value. The whole point of a shutter or blind is to be there when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t. Make sure you check out images and videos (if possible) of the product once it’s been installed – both open and shut, and from multiple angles.


Security and Insulation

Will it keep weather and crooks outside? Will it last? Will it keep you cool in summer and warm in winter? Better take a look at the product information. Does the website give a good description? Does it guarantee protection? Are you able to talk to anyone? Make sure you do if you’re concerned about these important factors. It’s your home, your comfort, and your security after all.


The Distinct Shutters Difference

Where Distinct Shutters is concerned, it’s easy to put these worries and fears to bed.  We’ll take them down one by one:

Bad Customer Service: Our customers settle this one for us. Browse the testimonials in our About page for a peep into the experience. If you’d like to hear it from us, just give us a call or contact us.

Non User-Friendly Products: Our roller shutters are simple and efficient. We’ve got over 13 years of experience and customers that will attest to the fact that it’s a good product, and won’t go breaking or confusing you. We also custom-make each product to the measurements of the job, and do our own installs to make sure your shutter suits your building perfectly.

Low Quality Products: All our roller shutters are manufactured in Perth so you can depend on Australian build quality, not cheap imported product. The product design comes from Germany, which we chose it specifically for superior quality and durability.

Big Poles or Other Obstructions: Our shutters hug the sides and top of your window or entryway. There’s just a track on either side, and a box above to hold the shutter slats when they’re rolled up (which is smaller than what our competition offers thanks to the German-designed compact slats). Take a look at install photos on our product page to see what we mean.

Security and Insulation: Roller shutters are one of the best ways to prevent break ins. Unlike security screens, they cover 100% of your window and can’t be forced open when completely closed. They also reduce noise and light, protect from storms, and provide effective insulation that’ll save on your heating and air conditioning.


Want to Know More?

We could type for hours, but the quickest way is for you to check out our website or give us a call. We’re here to help you find the best solution to your needs – even if it isn’t with us! Give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions.